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+++ If you listen well, they continued playing Art’s song almost till the end!!! (♡´∀`♡)

Finally got the full file! It kept on failing to download at around 2MB before having all of it …. but I finally have the whole file.

Well this is the full Special Hamatora 11,5 program with the special Episode which was before episode 12, followed by the talk show feat. Ryōta Ōsaka (Nice), Wataru Hatano (Murasaki) & Kiyono Yasuno (Koneko). They just talk about everything and nothing around Hamatora but it’s here that you have the CM of Hamatora’s 1st DVD + the CD preview of Art & Moral.

They are presenting the things that could be bought at Animate Cafe etc…

It’s a 1h40 program (there’s the special episode 11,5 counted in it.)

Well the version is .flv and the quality isn’t the most wonderfull one (you might see it throught the sample above) but well for those who might be interesting (It’s big: 565MB file) :

It’s normal that the 5 first minutes of the file, that you have the Hamatora picture without sound or anything. It was the time when the recording had been launched but when it wasn’t ON AIR yet. Then around 33min30sec, and 34min30sec, you have again 1 minute of like still life on the same Hamatora picture. That was the cut also the time for the Seiyuu to get installed ^^; so it’s not your file that has a problem when you have that while watching it.

Fic: And… Well.


And… Well.

Fandom: Hamatora

Summary: …Art is a little concerned with how many people want to see him naked.

Pairing: NiceArt

Rating: T

Warnings: Art getting naked.

Disclaimer: Don’t own.

Wordcount: 685

Do police departments in Japan have fundraisers???

…I know. I said I wasn’t going to write until APs were over. But – ajdkfhalkdfhakld.

Inspired by ask-superintendent-art’s post and everyone who responded to it.

Just a little drabble.

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